Sarcastics Gig History
Date Day Venue Audio/Video Notes
16-May-1985 Thursday Vernon's   with Fonetics
14-Jun-1985 Friday Vernon's   opening for Frenzy
14-Jun-1985 Saturday Vernon's   opening for Frenzy
24-Jun-1985 Monday Vernon's   1st Full gig
1-Jul-1985 Monday Vernon's    
12-Jul-1985 Friday Vernon's    
13-Jul-1985 Saturday Vernon's Audio  
1-Sep-1985 Sunday Blondie's Audio Pleasantville NJ
4-Sep-1985 Wednesday Central Park    
11-Oct-1985 Friday Kenwood Tavern   opening for Beru Revue
13-Nov-1985 Wednesday Empire   Rodd Steele, Chapter 7
16-Nov-1985 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
21-Nov-1985 Thursday Vernon's   with Video Image
23-Nov-1985 Saturday Central Park   opening for Beru Revue
5-Dec-1985 Thursday Vernon's   with Video Image
6-Dec-1985 Friday The Underground   with Chapter 12 and Electric Bizaare
7-Dec-1985 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
11-Dec-1985 Wednesday Empire   with Don't Ask and Video Image
17-Dec-1985 Tuesday Khyber Pass    
19-Dec-1985 Thursday Vernon's    
26-Dec-1985 Thursday Vernon's    
28-Dec-1985 Saturday Ambler Cabaret   with Separate Checks
31-Dec-1985 Tuesday Vernon's    
18-Jan-1986 Saturday Empire   with Separate Checks and Sites
25-Jan-1986 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
2-Feb-1986 Sunday J.C. Dobbs    
7-Feb-1986 Friday Grendel's Lair   upstairs
26-Feb-1986 Wednesday 23 East Cabaret   with The Missing Links
6-Mar-1986 Thursday John & Peters    
8-Mar-1986 Saturday Empire   with The Circles and Social Voyeurs
15-Mar-1986 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
22-Mar-1986 Saturday Jukebox & Co.   with Dukes of Destiny
8-Apr-1986 Tuesday Chestnut Cabaret   with The Stand and VHF
12-Apr-1986 Saturday Jukebox & Co.   with Flaming Caucasians
25-Apr-1986 Friday John & Peters    
13-May-1986 Tuesday Jasper's   with The Heartbeats
17-May-1986 Saturday John & Peters Audio 3:00pm matinee - 1st Anniversary Gig
29-May-1986 Thursday Ambler Cabaret   CANCELLED - Jeff Ockford Quits!!
25-Jun-1986 Wednesday Empire   1st "Ed" gig
27-Jul-1986 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
2-Aug-1986 Saturday John & Peters   10:00 PM start - "Beach Party"
17-Aug-1986 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
23-Aug-1986 Saturday private party   ?????
31-Aug-1986 Sunday Allentown Fair   "Battle of the Bands"
14-Sep-1986 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
1-Oct-1986 Wednesday Grendel's Lair Video 5 band Missing Children's Benefit incl. John Alexander Band
3-Oct-1986 Friday John & Peters    
5-Oct-1986 Sunday Club Revival   with Stone Free & Urban Fall
8-Oct-1986 Wednesday Khyber Pass    
30-Oct-1986 Thursday John & Peters   Halloween Party
1-Nov-1986 Saturday Tommasso's   with John Alexander Band
5-Dec-1986 Friday John & Peters   Christmas Beach Party
6-Dec-1986 Saturday Vernon's    
17-Dec-1986 Wednesday Empire   with John Alexander Band and About Face
16-Jan-1987 Friday Vernon's    
17-Jan-1987 Saturday Vernon's    
4-Mar-1987 Wednesday Ambler Cabaret   with Groove Squad and The Daves
27-Mar-1987 Friday Vernon's    
28-Mar-1987 Saturday Vernon's    
11-Apr-1987 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
15-Apr-1987 Wednesday Ambler Cabaret   with Selfridge Band and Nightshift
9-May-1987 Saturday Happy Tap   (tentative???)
12-May-1987 Wednesday 23 East Cabaret    
23-May-1987 Saturday Empire    
27-May-1987 Wednesday Ambler Cabaret   with Mizii Link and Still Motion
29-May-1987 Friday John & Peters Audio 2nd Anniversary Party
30-May-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
20-Jun-1987 Saturday Ambler Cabaret   opening for Bricklin
27-Jun-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
1-Jul-1987 Wednesday DJ Bananas    
9-Jul-1987 Thursday John & Peters    
13-Jul-1987 Monday Khyber Pass    
23-Jul-1987 Thursday Jasper's    
25-Jul-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
29-Jul-1987 Wednesday Ambler Cabaret    
5-Aug-1987 Wednesday Empire    
8-Aug-1987 Saturday Players    
15-Aug-1987 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
22-Aug-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
27-Aug-1987 Thursday Jasper's    
4-Sep-1987 Friday 23 East Cabaret   opening for Beru Revue
9-Sep-1987 Wednesday Walsh's Tavern    
11-Sep-1987 Friday Empire    
13-Sep-1987 Sunday John & Peters   9:00 PM start
19-Sep-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
29-Oct-1987 Thursday Jasper's Audio  
31-Oct-1987 Saturday John & Peters   Halloween Party
11-Dec-1987 Friday Nick's    
19-Dec-1987 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
31-Dec-1987 Thursday Jasper's   New Year's Eve Bash
12-Mar-1988 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
19-Mar-1988 Saturday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
2-Apr-1988 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
14-May-1988 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
21-May-1988 Saturday Jasper's Audio (part)  
25-May-1988 Wednesday Club Capri    
1-Jun-1988 Wednesday Jasper's Audio (part)  
4-Jun-1988 Saturday Siren Record Exchange   all-ages record release
22-Jun-1988 Wednesday Jasper's    
24-Jun-1988 Friday Jasper's   with Barfly
25-Jun-1988 Saturday Jasper's   with Barfly
9-Jul-1988 Saturday Easy Street Audio (part) with Yowkings
27-Aug-1988 Saturday Jasper's   3 bands
2-Sep-1988 Friday Jasper's   opening for Beru Revue
15-Sep-1988 Thursday Jasper's    
22-Sep-1988 Thursday Two Street    
4-Mar-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
12-Mar-1989 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
8-Apr-1989 Saturday Billy Dee's Rum Runner    
15-Apr-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
4-May-1989 Thursday The Dugout    
20-May-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
4-Jun-1989 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
10-Jun-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub Video (part)  
26-Jun-1989 Monday Beverly Hills Bar & Grill    
30-Jun-1989 Friday The Dugout    
22-Jul-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
4-Aug-1989 Friday The Tide   Beach Haven, NJ opening for Richard Bush & the Candles
6-Aug-1989 Sunday The Tide   ????
6-Aug-1989 Sunday John & Peters   3:00pm matinee
7-Aug-1989 Monday Beverly Hills Bar & Grill    
18-Aug-1989 Friday The Dugout Video (part) with Fake ID
19-Aug-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
26-Aug-1989 Saturday Briarwood Campgrounds Video (part) 1st Annual Sarcastics Picnic and Swap-Meat with XLR8
7-Oct-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
28-Oct-1989 Saturday Doc Watson's Pub    
29-Oct-1989 Sunday John & Peters    
30-Oct-1989 Monday Beverly Hills Bar & Grill   3 bands
16-May-1990 Wednesday The Barn Video opening for Richard Bush and the Candles
8-Nov-1997 Saturday Zippy's House Video Sarcastics "Unholy Reunion"
30-Jul-2005 Saturday Zippy's House Video Sarcastics "Shit Warmed Over" Reunion