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John P. Keepers, Jr. of Bristol, PA passed away on August 19, 2018. He was 65.

John Keepers was the band's manager and main soundman for most of our existence. John was a cantankerous but lovable guy that would help us out in anyway possible. We truly loved John for all that he had done for us. Although all of the band members have gone their separate ways, we always considered John a good friend even though we had unfortunately lost touch the past few years. It is rumored that before he passed, John had said that his times with the Sarcastics were some of the best in his life. We hope this is true. Check out the recently posted live version of "Rock and Roll Part II" featuring John having some fun at our expense. Our condolences go out to his wife Judy and his extended family. Rock in Peace, John.

The Sarcastics roamed the Philly and suburban club circuit from 1985 to barely into 1990, groveling for gigs, money, and respect.

We independently released (meaning paid for ourselves) a cassette tape (Flamingo-A-Go-Go) and a 45 RPM single (Snobs Like Her b/w All Inside My Head). We were working on a second full-length album when we flat-lined.

Zippy has cobbled together 3 CDs worth of material, two of which available for download
here in MP3 format, along with "Robert Paul Approved" artwork.

Sample "tickets" that were given to people to try to get credit for bringing fans to these dumps on weeknights (remember the secret word: grovel).

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