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The Unfinished 1988 Album Project Tracks

These tracks were recorded by Leon Reddell at Working Class Studios In Croydon, PA. on a half-inch eight-track reel-to-reel with outboard DBX. Tracks 3 and 10 were mixed by Zippy and Bob to cassette. All the other tracks in this section were mixed by Leon and Marty to cassette.

3. Dead Man's Beach (Barrella) 455
This was part of the "Surf Party" set of songs, and was Intended as a B-movie cross-pollination of bad beach movie and bad horror movie themes. This song was once covered by the Infamous Johnny Deadbeat and the Tombstone Surfers. Try to figure out the "backward-masked" vocals (don't break your CD player!!).

NEW!!! - "backward masking" revealed:
Clip 1--"Ultra Man"               Clip 2--"F'ed Up Your Record"

4. Doormat Serenade (Barrella/Witt) 4:05
A fine example of a new style Sarcastics love song, where the solution to love's woes is a firearm or a dose of penicillin.

5. Jersey Surf Party (Barrella) 4:53
Another "Surf Party" song, this time about teenage hijinks as normal suburban dweebs in Wildwood, NJ. As in several songs during this project, the guitar harmonies were handled by Zippy so we didn't wear out Leon's tape deck. Note the references to the guys' cars they owned at the time.

6. New Suit (Barrella/Witt) 5:08
A freaky fairy tale about a demented dad who took Death Race 2000 seriously and a mercenary mom who really loves her weapons.

7. My Big Bird (Barrella) 35
This song Is based on a not-too-subtle double-entendre. Bob actually had an aqua 1964 Thunderbird. Dig the "Pretty Woman", "James Bond", and "Secret Agent Man" riffs. The "pseudo-girl voice" was added by Bob In 1997, as it was never recorded during the original sessions.

8. No Brain, No Pain (Barrella/Witt) 4:22
The band's tribute to mindless consumerism is a little out of date (when was the last time you saw Spuds McKenzie?), but still hits home in this age of Coors Lite, the Silver Bullshit. Vocal and lyrics by Zippy, based on a musical concept by Bob.

9. White Man '88 (Barrella/Perry) 4:18
The revised version of this Sarcastics classic is sung by Ed. The intro and bridge are a tribute to (OK, a direct rip off from) Crack the Sky's song "White Music". The band covered the Crack the Sky song "All American Boy" In its live sets. This became one of Ed's signature performance vehicles amongst the fans.

10. Lip Flappin' Rap (Barrella/Trendler/Williams/Witt) 6:20
What can be said about this song that hasn't already been said? Rappin' sucks, don't it? If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Black Sabbath really got their asses kissed on this one. What other band has combined 60's TV theme songs, 70's metal, and 80's religious cults to slam rap? None, and with good reason.

Leon's Business Card from the Studio....

Why was this project never finished, you may axe??

Well, the boys were not totally happy with the production and sound quality, some of the performances were a bit ragged, and they wanted to do it better. But having put so much time into it, they decided to get out and gig for a while instead. Then that pussy Zippy went and quit…….

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